Legal and Financial

Legal translation demands absolute precision: every word counts and there is no room for incorrect interpretations; translators must understand the legal concepts that they are dealing with, and must be able to express them by using appropriate terminology in their own language. The complex challenges posed by legal translation can only be faced by teams of trained experts and the implementation of strict quality control procedures throughout the entire translation management process.

This is why, generally speaking, Techlingua’s translators are lawyers who are members of their respective Bar Associations. Your legal translations will always be confided to professionals with Law degrees or who have lengthy experience in this area, and who are in perfect control of the terminology used.

Unlike general texts, which allow greater flexibility when they are being translated, financial documents require a level of linguistic precision that only professionals in the financial and corporate worlds can achieve.

Techlingua helps leading financial consultancies and legal firms to achieve their commercial objectives by translating:

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Corporate Documents
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Documents relating to Labour, Civil, Penal and Real Estate Law
  • Procedural Documents
  • Administrative Documents
  • M&A / Joint Venture Documents
  • Annual Reports and Accounts
  • Issuance Prospectuses
  • Bank newsletters
  • Audit Reports
  • Accounting reports
  • Semi-annual and Annual Fund Reports
  • Minutes of General Meetings of Shareholders