Case Study 3

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Case Study - Sworn / International Work

The Client

Our client is one of the world's leading engineering firms. The company has various divisions, including engineering, infrastructure, renewable and nuclear energy, construction and management services for the oil and gas, power, infrastructure and construction industries. It operates worldwide.

Example Project

Our client required 200,000 words (50 documents) of legal documentation to be translated from English to Romanian. The first part of the work had to be turned around in 24 hours - over a weekend - and the remainder, which was sent to us on a rolling basis, during the course of the following week. As additional problem was that the documents needed to be translated by sworn translations and then sent to Bucharest.

As is always the case with bids and tenders, time was of the essence and the speed and accuracy with which we translated the documentation was a determining factor in ensuring that the client was able to proceed with the tender process.

Why Techlingua?

Our client selected Techlingua due to its wide network of translators. As we have a great deal of experience in handling bids and tenders, we are able to offer the client the option of having the translations sworn locally in Romania, a possibility that the client was not aware of and which shaved several days off the delivery time – otherwise the client would not have met the tender deadline.

Added Value

Thanks to Techlingua’s worldwide network of translators, we are able to provide both sworn and standard translations in the client’s or its end-client’s local offices, whether they were in Sao Paulo, Sydney or Singapore. By entrusting all of the translation work to Techlingua - instead of working with various translation companies and freelancers - the client profited two-fold. Not only did it improve the quality and consistency of its translations, it also benefited financially.

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