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About Us

Techlingua, known until recently as Multilingual Resources Group Technical, MRGT, was founded and developed by our Director, Miguel Moral, who has gathered together a team of professionals from a wide range of linguistic fields, experts with many years experience translating technical documents. From the outset the company has steadily developed its capabilities and its worldwide clientele, with the emphasis placed firmly on the specific sectors that define us.

Techlingua provides services to clients who require translation services to support their expansion from the emerging markets, or their access to said markets.

Techlingua has added translators, language copywriters, desktop publishers and website localisation specialists to its already ample staff in order to support such needs. Our clients include many of the world's leading multinationals and international consultancies in the oil, gas and energy, infrastructure, automotive, pharmaceutical and IT & electronics fields, as well as various leading law firms and financial consultants. Our clients have come to rely on our niche services which adapt and fine-tune their products and communications for a global audience.

We translate into a wide variety of different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. We can also take on numerous other languages to satisfy the needs of globally expanding companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hence, we are very proud of the fact that our client portfolio is constantly growing. This is due to the exceptionally high professional services we provide. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and our specialist knowledge of the specific technical sectors in which we work.

Techlingua has helped its clients to satisfy their numerous language and technology needs ranging from the translation of commercial bids and public tenders, AutoCAD and Microstation drawings, calculation reports and environmental impact assessments, contracts with an abundance of specific legal terminology, to the adaptation of all manner of texts and desktop publishing of architectural plans and specifications.

We know that time is of the essence for you, that our translators must be expert linguists and not just bi-lingual employees with no qualifications, and that nowadays customer service is of the utmost importance. At Techlingua we all strive to produce top quality translations that are as powerful and effective as the original text.

We work with highly qualified, experienced translators who guarantee our clients the high quality of service that they deserve.

Techlingua provides an array of translation services for companies intent on extending their business overseas, including:

  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Software Localisation
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing
  • Localisation