Automotive, Aeronautics and Shipping

There has been a much greater degree of global integration on all levels of the automotive and aeronautics industries, as multinational companies have sought to improve the results of their marketing efforts in myriad end markets.

As centrally-designed vehicles and aircraft are tailored to local markets, and as parts are manufactured in many different regions, design activities and buyer–supplier relationships typically span multiple production zones. As a result these companies need highly specific and technical translations.

Techlingua has a great deal of experience in the automotive and aeronautics sectors and we help our clients by providing clear, informative and accurate translations for every link in their supply chains.

By its very nature, the shipping and maritime industry is truly international. The movement of goods around the world is a critical element in the global freight transportation system and in fact the international shipping industry handles around 90% of world trade.

Some 50,000 merchant ships are involved in international commerce, transporting every kind of cargo. Globally, this involves ships from over 150 nations, manned by more than a million sailors of virtually every nationality.

Techlingua provides its clients specialist translations in this niche area, something beyond the capabilities of most other translation providers. We provide translations across a wide range of areas, including port concession tenders and bids, market reports and contract documentation.

Techlingua helps the world's leading Automotive, Aeronautical and Shipping companies achieve their market objectives by translating:

  • Automobile Manuals
  • Service Manuals
  • Fault Diagnosis Manuals
  • Technical Documents
  • Industrial Health and Safety Instructions
  • Electronic and Micro-electronic Documents
  • Specifications and Training Documentation
  • Portals for Commercial Agents
  • Electronic Database Files
  • Catalogues
  • Marketing and Promotional Material
  • Documentation for Trade Fairs and Congresses
  • Product Specifications
  • Warranties
  • Port Concession Tenders (Roll-on/Roll-off)
  • Port Design and Construct Contracts
  • Maritime Risk Management Reports
  • Shipping Market Reports
  • Bill of Lading Forms and Terms & Conditions
  • Shipping Agency Certificates
  • Certificates of Inspection
  • Connecting Carrier Agreements