Case Study 1

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Case Study - Long Term / Volume

The Client

Our client is one of the world's top engineering firms. The company provides engineering, construction, process, and management services for the oil and gas, power and infrastructure industries. It operates worldwide.

Example Project

One of the client’s projects involved the design, procurement and construction of a refinery in Russia over a three-year period. The client required translation and interpretation services both in Spanish, English and Russian. The client had to prepare extensive technical documentation in the local language on a daily basis.

We were engaged by the client from the very outset of the project, helping them with the tender process which included compulsory sworn documentation, and with both commercial and technical texts. Once the project was assigned to our client we then set about organising the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) project.

The type of documents that had to be translated as part of the EPC included:

  • AutoCAD and Microstation Drawings
  • Data sheets
  • Calculation Reports
  • Inspection Reports
  • Requisitions
  • Technical Tabulations

The type of problems we encountered whilst carrying out the project included the huge volume of documents and the tight timeframe in which to finish the work. In addition, the files were in multiple formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD and Microstation and on many occasions they were poor-quality, scanned PDFs. Preparing this material in a format which could then be worked on by our translators was time consuming and required specific DTP skills, as well as minutely detailed project management, considering the volume of the documents that we had received and the client’s complex data management system. In addition, the files came from various different departments, including Procedures, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical/Instrumentation, Construction, HSE, QA/QC, Legal etc.

Why Techlingua?

Our client selected Techlingua to help identify and implement a more efficient way to localise this demanding material and to create a more efficient process moving forward. The translation company that this client had been working with had been delaying other important projects due to its lack of technical ability and because they were unable to cope with the volume and diverse nature of the task and with the client’s timescales. Another key factor was that very few translation companies anywhere in the world are capable of working on and translating AutoCAD and Bentley Microstation drawings.

Average Monthly Workloads

  • 1,000 + AutoCAD and Bentley Microstation drawings
  • 1 Million + words per month

Added Value

Thanks to Techlingua’s streamlined management skills, our dedicated project managers and our highly-qualified technical translators - who were on call for the client - the client's very tight deadlines were met and indeed many documents were delivered ahead of schedule. By entrusting all of the translation work to Techlingua - instead of working with various translation companies and freelancers - the client profited two-fold. Not only did it improve the quality and consistency of its translations, it also benefited financially.

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