Case Study 2

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Case Study - Quick Turn Around / Volume

The Client

Our client is one of the world's leading engineering firms. The company provides engineering, construction, process, and management services for the oil and gas, power and infrastructure industries. It operates worldwide.

Example Project

One of the client’s projects involved a large commercial tender and technical bid for an upstream project in Portugal, a gas terminal including LNG tanks, which had a very quick turnaround of 9 days and required us to translate approximately 500,000 words in this time. This meant translating a wide array of disciplines such as LNG tanks, Civil, Mechanical, HSE, QA/QC, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Process engineering as well as Construction and Procurement documents.

The client required translation and interpretation services, as well as providing one of our translators to work in-house compiling the final documentation and overseeing any last-minute changes that the client might add to these documents. The languages required were Spanish, English and Portuguese. It was mandatory that all of the documentation for the tender should be in Portuguese.

The type of problems we encountered whilst carrying out the project included the huge volume of documents, a multiplicity of formats and a tight timeframe in which to finish the work. But not only that, we received the work on an on-going daily basis up until the final presentation day, which meant that we had to be on-call 24/7 for the client and to be able to translate and project-manage the work overnight. We were able to achieve this by working with translators in different parts of the world and in different time zones.

Why Techlingua?

Our client selected Techlingua due to its project management skills and its dedication to the client. Our “can do” attitude was a key factor in delivering this project and without it the client simply would not have admitted to the tender process.

Overall Workload (9 days):

  • 55,000 + words per day
  • Additional 8-10 hours of in-house translation work per day

Added Value

Thanks to Techlingua’s streamlined management skills, our dedicated project managers and our highly-qualified technical translators - who were on call so that the very tight deadlines could be met, many of the documents were delivered ahead of schedule. By entrusting all of the translation work to Techlingua - instead of working with various translation companies and freelancers - the client profited two-fold. Not only did it improve the quality and consistency of its translations, it also benefited financially.

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